Vegans guide for a fat free diet

Few questions I often get asked by most vegans is what are the best vegan foods for a protein-rich diet/ fat-free diet and if they will need to turn into meat eaters for it? The answer is simple.

Protein is basically amino acids and while there are about 20 types of it, we require only 9 of these from our food as our body cannot generate these by itself and each of these can be found in different vegan items so for a fat-free and nutritional vegan diet switch to these foods today.


Well if you ever were in Japan and were served soba noodles then not it’s actually buckwheat and while its name might suggest, it isn’t really wheat but more like rhubarb.

Other countries tend to integrate its crumbles into flour which acts a great base for fat-free pancakes etc. and is known to better blood circulation in the body, regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels. You can use it in noodles, toast them, add them to soup, chili etc.



Here’s an interesting fact about quinoa, it’s nutritional value is so high NASA aims to cultivate it on its spaceships. This couscous look-alike is packed with loads of fiber, magnesium, manganese, and iron.

So time to skip the fat rich rice as your dinner staple and switch to quinoa. Quinoa’s versatility means you can also use to make muffins, cookies, and cakes etc. My favorite quinoa recipe is the quinoa chocolate cake. Check it out below.


One of the oldest recipes in the book is the Seitan. It was first cooked almost 1000’s of years back as a meat replacement for the monks and is prepared by combining wheat protein (gluten) with various herbs and spices etc. and letting it simmer in water.

This will integrate the essential amino acids. Below is a basic recipe to get you started. You can further add it to fajitas, stir fry it with red chili sauce etc.

Rice and beans

If you’re on a tight budget and yet seek yummy food look no further than a bowl of well-cooked rice and beans. Beans contain a high amount of lysine whereas rice is a rich source of methionine and when put together you’ll have a dish as rich in protein as chicken.

It’s the easiest post workout dish since it’s packed with proteins and carbs. You can further add some lentils or chickpeas to further spike up the protein content.



While quite a lot of people are allergic to mycoprotein for those who aren’t, it’s a delight and was produced in order to curb the food shortage across the globe.

It’s produced by the fungus in vats which is dried and combined with egg albumen and is used as a meat replacement in many European countries. Quorn has switched to an egg-free base making its lasagna, samosas etc. perfect recipes for vegans too.

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