5 Things you can do to stay motivated to workout


For the first few weeks of my training, there was no stopping me. I was out of my bed and off to the gym in a flash. Even on hectic workdays, it was the first thing I ran to after office hours but soon that motivation seemed to fade away. We talked to tons trainers and fitness freaks and found out what keeps them motivated. So next time you’re in the mood to stay on couch use one of these tricks.

To stay in a routine

If you’re not going to make your training a part and parcel of your life such as your work, eating etc. trust me it’s never going to work. While I agree it tends to get a little hectic and tiring initially, you’ll soon enjoy the sweat amid the hustle and bustle of the daily routine.

Most of the people I have come across tend to find their exercise as a break which keeps them up and running, motivated and fresh both mentally and physically.

It’s financially beneficial

Since gym memberships are paid in advance either monthly or yearly my question is why let all the money go down the drain? Losing the money invested is often a great motivation for most to get their butt off the couch and get moving.

If that’s not motivating enough then make it a challenge. In case you’re in doubt look for gyms that offer a free trial or charge less for the first month.

Buying clothes is expensive

If you feel the gym membership is expensive then trust me buying plus size clothes is even worse. So if you have a wardrobe full of beach clothes or have your best friend’s wedding coming up or maybe yours itself then it’s time to sweat it out.

The nightmare of not fitting into your $1000 wedding gown is often a great motivation to hit the gym or hop on the treadmill.

You’ll make the world better

Did you know you can even raise charity by working out? Yes believe it or not using an app such as Charity Miles allow you to raise money for about 25-30 different organizations. This way you not only make yours but also other’s lives better.

All you often have to do is either run a particular distance or simply make a check-in into a nearby gym through social media.

Reward yourself

One of the greatest motivations, whether it is work or workout, is a reward. So next time you are in the mood for some chocolate cake or high-fat diet why not go ahead and burn out a few calories first and then rather eat the cake as a reward. It can be your social media, your favorite TV show, or a party etc. whatever motivates you to hit the weights and cardio machines.

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