About Us

Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) is becoming more and more accepted as a treatment for morbid obesity. With the internet being what it is, there is no lack of information about WLS out there; good, bad, and everything in between. Just between the number of personal blogs and YouTube channels out there, one would almost wonder why there are any more fat people out there, there is that many WLS related sites out there.

The thing is, at least 80% of the WLS folks out there are women. For general informational type stuff, that’s fine, sometimes getting the chick perspective is even useful. But there are things guys go through that women will never get, (just as we kinda zone out when the talk of boob-jobs and periods come up ok, maybe the boob thing gets our attention a little bit).

So as helpful as some of those sites are, as much encouragement you get from the various forums, sometimes you just gotta hear it from another guy.

That’s what were going to try and do here.

Yea you’ll get a lot of general info, from product reviews and suggestions to cooking tips and recipes, but here you’ll get a take on those things from a dudes perspective. Ladies, your input is welcome but no freaking out on us, k?

And not just mine I started this with the idea of bringing in other dudes. Cause even though I am a former fat dude at this point, I’m just one dude. Everyone out there is going through similar, but different stuff. And not just post-op either was looking to bring you info on going through the pre-approval process right on through surgery and then to living a post-op life.