5 Important features of a power rack

A power rack is a long-term investment which needs your careful consideration before you choose one for yourself. As you will be performing a lot of exercises on it on a daily basis, it is natural that you look for one which is not only safe but also allows you to perform most of the exercises that you want. So, what makes a good power rack for home?

bench press

Here is a list of things which you should definitely consider before buying a power rack for yourself:


You would find various size options when choosing a power rack and it is crucial that you choose one which suits your height. So, if you are a tall person, then make sure that you choose a power rack which is according to your height and if you are a short person, make sure you go for a power rack which isn’t too tall. You would also find average height power racks which can be used various people of different heights.


Another important factor to consider while buying a power rack is the location where you are going to place it.

You will need to first decide on a location and then buy a power rack which fits this location without getting too congested. You would need enough space to perform your exercises efficiently.



Make sure that you go for a power rack with a removable stabilizer as this would ensure that your power rack remains stable when you are not working on it and then when you decide to exercise, you can simply remove it and perform your training routine.

Easy to Use

This is yet another factor which you should consider when buying a power rack for yourself, make sure you go for one which is easy to adjust and won’t take a lot of your time and energy.

A pin and pipe safety system will be a pain in the future, so better to go for a strapping system as it will be easy to adjust and won’t take much of your time too.



Another crucial factor to consider is how durable is your power rack. Always go for a power rack which is built out of decent quality and won’t pose a risk of breaking down anytime soon which might result in you getting injured.

This is an important factor that should not be neglected as it could cause serious harm to you, so always avoid low-quality power racks for yourself.

Extra Accessories

Make sure that your power rack comes with a few accessories as you would need them to perform the various exercises. You can’t train using your power rack alone, you need other attachments too so go for the one which comes with a few additional attachments or buys a few attachments for your power rack according to your needs and requirements. You can also go for attachments from other brands and then use it on your power rack.


Adjustable vs Regular dumbbells: A must read comparison


There are two types of Dumbbell sets to choose from Regular Dumbbells and Adjustable Dumbbells. A regular dumbbell set is a fixed set and you cannot change its weight whereas, an adjustable dumbbell set allows you the option to change the weight as and when required by you.

Both of these dumbbells have their own drawbacks and advantages. If you are confused about which one to choose for yourself, then you can read the pros and cons of both the dumbbell sets and choose for yourself.


A regular dumbbell is cheaper than an Adjustable Dumbbell due to the obvious reason that it is a single pair and not a whole set. On the other hand, an Adjustable Dumbbell might cost you more but if you go for a heavier regular dumbbell, it would cost you almost the same.

A regular dumbbell could be the most cost-effective because if it is a single piece, you can easily replace it with another weight but for an adjustable dumbbell set, you would need to replace the whole thing and buy a new set.

Workout practicality

An adjustable dumbbell set allows you variation in your exercises as you can increase the weights as and when you get comfortable whereas, the same cannot be said for a regular dumbbell.

On the other hand, if you need to follow the same workout for a long time, a regular dumbbell would be more useful than an adjustable dumbbell set.


An adjustable dumbbell is not as durable as a regular dumbbell because it is made up of little plastic parts which make it easier to change the weights. A regular dumbbell is made of cast iron, steel or rubber which tends to make it quite durable and not easily broken.


An adjustable dumbbell set doesn’t take as much space as a regular dumbbell. Don’t get us wrong, if you only buy one regular dumbbell for yourself, then obviously it will take the least amount of space but you might not be able to vary your exercises with that single dumbbell.

You could stock up on several regular dumbbells with different weights but then that would end up taking a lot of space in your room, so it would be better to go for an adjustable dumbbell set if you are a little short on the space.

Potential Workout

An adjustable dumbbell set allows you to increase or decrease your weights as per your training program whereas, a regular dumbbell would provide you with a fixed weight to use.

If you need to perform a training which requires quick weight changes, then a regular dumbbell becomes useless but if you get used to the weights of your adjustable dumbbell set, then it becomes more expensive and tough to replace your present dumbbell set with a higher version. A regular dumbbell would be much easier to replace in such cases.


There is really not a clear winner in this since it depends on the type of workout you will be doing. If you are focusing on training your muscles with heavy weightlifting, then it would be better to go for a regular dumbbell but if you would be focusing on several muscles, then you should go for adjustable dumbbells for home use.