Lunge Club W3 – Side Lunges

It’s Friday, time for another new lunge for the upcoming week of Lunge Club! This coming week is the Side Lunge – as shown in the video below it’s great for the quads, hamstrings and glutes.

So how are you doing? I’ve been doing 60 per day and it’s going good for me. I can definitely feel those last 15-20 in a set, but in a good way! And I thnk they are helping with the soreness I had been having the previous few months. Leave some comments here or over on FaceBook. And if you’re just starting… go back and check out the first week

And of course I have to give thanks to Alysa over at Inspired RD for inspiring Lunge Club in the first place.

About Rob

I had RNY Gastric Bypass on April 8, 2009. I went from my heaviest of over 380 down to a low of 188 (for about a day!) before working on rebuilding muscle and such. Now I maintain at about 225. WLS has changed my life in so many ways, including my career as I now tackle nutritional coaching and other obesity education issues and is also a co-host on The Wake Up Call, a health and wellness radio show.