One of the best radio show’s you’ve never heard of

Sort of by accident I came across this site a few weeks back, and then suddenly she’s popping up everywhere. Who? Diva Taunia, that’s who.

Here’s a copy of her bio from her website at

Diva Taunia is a professional vocalist, radio host, and activist for the weight loss surgery community.  For most of her adult life, she was morbidly obese at 300+ lbs.  It wasn’t until her weight began seriously affecting her health and her music that she began researching weight loss surgery.  After six months of research, she chose RNY gastric bypass and on 3/25/08 her surgery was performed by Dr. Donald Hess at Boston Medical Center.  To date, she has lost over 165+ lbs and continues to document her weight loss journey on her website, blog, and YouTube channel.  To watch Diva Taunia from 300+ lbs to now, please visit her YouTube channel at

Now, on top of her YouTube channel, her official website at (where you can find out about her live musical performances), and her blog, you can also find her every Monday from 7-8:30PM Eastern doing her live talk radio show, the Backstage Pass Radio Program. Each week, the show features new music that showcases the Diva’s wide range of tastes, live interviews, weight loss surgey and gastric bypass topics and discussion, prize and contest give aways, product reviews, and much more.

Melting Mama is one of her regular guests (sometimes live, sometimes pre-recorded), and recently Antonia has been appearing to give updates on various Meet & Greets being planned. Another of the regular features she has is where she has on someone who has had WLS for her “WLS Lovely” segment. It’s a mix of interview, spotlight and general discussion about that person’s WLS journey.

Then there’s a portion of the show devoted to a specific topic and how it relates to the lives of those who have had weight loss surgery where listeners can call in and participate.

If you can’t catch her show live, shortly after it’s over you can catch it streaming, and there’s a full archive of past shows to spend time getting caught up on. You can also download the show and listen to on your portable player.

It’s a great lil show worth catching, and if all the stuff I listed above ain’t enough of a reason for you, be sure to check out the April 12 show when I’m scheduled to be on as the WLS Lovely.

About Rob

I had RNY Gastric Bypass on April 8, 2009. I went from my heaviest of over 380 down to a low of 188 (for about a day!) before working on rebuilding muscle and such. Now I maintain at about 225. WLS has changed my life in so many ways, including my career as I now tackle nutritional coaching and other obesity education issues and is also a co-host on The Wake Up Call, a health and wellness radio show.