Spending Cinqo De Mayo With Joe – Part 2

It’s been a quiet day here at work so far.  Was a rainy morning outside… supposed to be some storms moving in later. Whee.

Had a later morning snack – a stick of string cheese. Had that about 10:45. Even though I eat breakfast at about 6am, I still find it .. odd… to eat lunch before noonish or even 1pm most days.

I had a support group meeting last night, and on the way home as I was trying to think about what I would do for my meals today. I decided to do something sorta Mexican for lunch, in honor of Cinqo de Mayo I suppose. Though it makes me feel guilty for not having done anything in honor of Star Wars day yesterday now. Oh well. I’ll live. I figured I would do some chicken and bean burritos. By the time I got to the grocery store though, they were out of those rotisserie chickens and it was already after 8pm, and I didn’t want to do too much cooking. I broke down and bought some canned chicken breast. On top of that… I bought a can of refried beans.

I love… I mean really love… my homemade refried beans. But, I need to plan at least a day ahead of time to make them entirely from scratch. I didn’t have that sort of time. I suppose I could have bought just a can of pinto beans… but like I said, it was already getting late and I really didn’t want to “cook”. I just wanted to assemble. It’s not that there isn’t a couple of decent tasting brands of canned refried beans – but why do they need to put so much sodium? I think they were all 500+mg per serving. Oh well, I don’t use them but maybe a couple times a year when I’m in such a pinch.

So I drained the can of chicken meat, mixed it up in a bowl with some pickled jalapeno slices I diced up, a couple tablespoons of picante sauce, a liberal shake or three of cayenne pepper and a couple of chopped up green onions I had in the fridge. I used a whole-wheat tortilla that I really like. It’s not “low carb”, they’re average as far as that goes, and each one has 5g of protein, minimal additives (have to keep them in the fridge), and all around tasty I think.

Cinqo De Burrito

I warmed them up in a skillet to make them nice and soft then spread a couple tablespoons of the beans followed by about 1/4 cup of the chicken mixture and about a tablespoon or so of shredded mozzarella (it’s what I had on hand) and rolled them up. I got six burritos out of the 10-oz can of chicken, so I figure if I eat two, it’s about 3 ounces of meat. Packed up two for lunch and put the others in the freezer for another day.

To go with this I chopped up some more of the jalapenos and threw them in the skillet for a few seconds, followed by some of the cooked quinoa I had just made (so I would have some for breakfast), few tablespoons worth of chopped cilantro and about 1/4 cup of the picante (Pace, for the record). A sort of Mexican rice knock-off to go with the burritos.

Oh, and also chopped up a bit of avocado and brought some cilantro-lime-yogurt sauce for additional toppings. Then my after lunch “treat” is my calcium. Yea.. I said treat. I use the Bariatric Advantage calcium chews as a sort of after lunch treat. I have all three current flavors, lemon, chocolate and raspberry in a container at home. I just grab two each day, making sure I have a combo of flavors. Raspberry and chocolate today. And I’ll typically eat them together.

I should probably mention water intake… I have a 20-oz, insulated Camelbak bottle that pretty much is with me at all times. I fill it with ice water before leaving the house and by the time I’m at work I’m about 45-60 minutes past breakfast and I start drinking it. I typically get at least one bottle downed before lunch, sometimes even two. Then I typically will down another after lunch and before leaving work. In the evenings, whether I’m running around doing stuff or at home on the computer, I tend to drink at least another 40 ounces. Weekends though, I sometimes kinda suck on the water. I’m out of my “routine”.

I don’t drink coffee… I don’t drink pop (diet or otherwise). I sometimes will use stuff like Crystal Lite, or more likely a product from True Lemon. I also like tea… sometimes hot, more often than not, iced. I’ll make a decaf tea using roobios, or just regular using instant tea… or sun tea in the summer.

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